Plush Car Dog Toy

Plush Car Dog Toy

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The Plush Car Dog Toy is very soft and bite-resistant, durable, eco-friendly, lightweight, comfortable and machine washable, easy to clean. This toy helps clean your pet's teeth, massage gums, plaque. The safe and indestructible material can be chewed by puppies and is durable enough.

This Truck Shaped Dog Toy design is lovely and attractive to your pet. This toy is in a vibrant and striking color that will attract the attention of your little one. It can be a perfect sleeping toy for your child and a must on your road trips put in the rear table tray of the car.

Corduroy Chew Toy filled with PP cotton, it is soft and elastic. The durable and bite-resistant chew toy can help the dog with teeth molar and stress relief. The dog can play it with itself to release the boredom and reduce destructive behavior.

Key Features:
High-quality plush car dog toy.
Soft and bite-resistant, durable.
Machine washable, easy to clean.
Lovely and attractive to your pet.
Eco-friendly, lightweight, comfortable.
Filled with PP cotton, it is soft and elastic.

Item Type: Pet Toy
Toys Type: Chew Toy
Material: Corduroy,Plush
Condition: New